123TEATOX™ - Liver Cleanse Blend

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A fresh start to your day

Start your day with a source of endless euphoria. Our LIVER CLEANSE tea will cleanse your body of toxins and waste to aid in digestion and energy levels. Feel your body begin to revitalise your hair, skin and nails whilst you drift into a lazy abyss of self-love and care.

Each of our perfectly crafted teas have been specially created to manifest health in your life. Our all-natural, organic, herbal blends are tailored to target three key areas of your body; your liver, your adipose tissue, and your colon. Intricately blended to bring love and care into your body, our 123 TEATOX program is best used in conjunction with our Body Slimming Detox Programs. However, the incredible thing about these teas is that they can provide you with an abyss of relaxation even when used separately. Rid yourself of toxins and treat your body with the love and care it deserves with our 123 TEATOX.


Organic ginger root may help to reduce fat in the liver, improves digestion, boosts immunity and improves digestion

Organic burdock root purifies blood, strengthens lymphatic system, stimulates bile production and regenerates cells of the liver

Organic liquorice root reduces intestinal inflammation, repairs and improves liver enzymes, reduces hot flushes and promotes liver regeneration.

Organic dandelion root stimulates digestion, acts as mild laxative, restores the mineral balance in kidneys, re-establishes hydration and electrolyte balance.

Organic nettle leaf detoxifies urinary tract, treats allergies and eczema, helps with some cases of haemorrhoids, may reduce kidney inflammation and helps with water retention.

Directions to use 1 teaspoon per 200ml (cup) boiling water. Steep 5-10 mins.

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