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Active43 Drops Program. Experience real results and loose up to 15kg in just 43 days; whilst still leading the active lifestyle that you love.

The 43 day program includes our tailored active drops to cover each of the 3 phases, new nourish, balancing balm, and a complete detox guide (including all food intake and our approved foods list!)

Is intense exercise a big part of your life? Do you want to be able to participate in a detox without giving up the active lifestyle that you live? Then our Slim By Nature Active Program is for you!

Unlike the original Body Slimming Detox Program, our Active Program has been designed to meet the detoxification and fat burning needs of active women, while also supporting muscle recovery, athletic performance, and easing post exercise soreness. You will finally be able to experience the same results found in our traditional guides, without giving up the fit lifestyle you already enjoy!

The active program also includes completely upgraded active drops to compliment your lifestyle. With added turmeric, ginger and Australian marine phytoplankton; our new Active Drops will invigorate your Active journey and support you in your post-workout recovery.

Finally, to complete this new program and to bring an extra element of wellbeing to your life, we have formulated two new complementary products. New-Nourish is our activated nutritional supplement designed to nourish and replenish muscles in the body. Meanwhile, our Balancing Balm is the perfect product to assist with the recovery and relief of sore and tense muscles post-workout.


Active Phase 1 and 2 detox drops:

The ACTIVE DROPS are an enhanced and upgraded version of our original drop formula; the addition of ginger, turmeric, and marine phytoplankton, creates a powerful combination that not only enhances weight loss results, but also speeds up muscle recovery, increases energy, and provides protective antioxidants. All three ingredients work harmoniously to assist in burning fat and relieving exercise-induced muscular tension.

Active Phase 3 maintenance drops:

Designed to lock in results while continuing to support fat-burning and muscle recovery!

Balancing Balm:

Packed with essential oils, herbs, nutrients and mineral electrolytes, BALANCING BALM is the perfect tool to balance your body, enhance recovery, and support the relief of post-workout muscular soreness!

New Nourish:

The perfect companion to your active lifestyle! Our targeted blend of nutrients and herbal medicines work to not only enhance muscle recovery after a workout, they also relieve aches and pains, support cardiovascular health, and work to optimise results obtained from exercise.

Program guide:

A complete guide outlining all food requirements for Phases 1, 2 and 3, our Approved Foods List, as well as additional tips and tricks to help you experience even more success!


-Promotes rapid and lasting weight loss!

-Reduces sugar and carb cravings

-Promotes multiple detoxification channels

-Facilitates positive habit and lifestyle improvements

-Additional side benefits of a truly holistic detox, which include: improved energy, glowing skin, calmer digestion, happier moods, less pain, and so much more!

-Lock in results for long term success through Phase 3 Maintenance

-Enhances athletic performance

-Speeds up muscle and joint recovery

-Supports energy production and stamina


,Each Slim By Nature Active Detox involves our targeted 3 step program to complement our tailored detox drops, Balancing Balm and New Nourish! This process involves:


It’s time to get ready for your big transformation! During this preparation phase you will begin using your detox products while simultaneously eating to speed up metabolism and fill your bodies energy reserves.


This step is designed to promote rapid and lasting weight loss, while also supporting detoxification processes by reducing the load on the digestive system and promoting elimination. The program guide will detail everything you need to know regarding food intake during this time; our approved foods list has been designed to promote fat burning, prioritise nutritional intake, and also allow you to learn which foods do (or do not) suit your individual body the best!


The last step is the most crucial phase, acting as the bridge between your detox and your new vibrant life! Maintenance allows for higher volume and more variety of delicious food. Maintenance is key for locking in your weight loss and detox results- the principles you learn here are something we recommend prioritising for life!

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