The Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Course - 4 week workshop

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Join Nutritionist Rita Varelas and explore the theme of Healthy eating and achieving optimal weight; Gluten-free and Sugar-free healthy and delicious meals; Meal planning and prepping delicious foods for the week; Gut-health and benefits of fermented foods.

Workshop 1: The Foundations to Healthy Eating

  • Introduction to health and the risks associated with poor dietary choices
  • Working out your BMI, Healthy Weight Range and daily kilojoules requirements
  • Understanding the Australian Dietary Guideline’s recommendations for Healthy Eating
  • Getting the right tools for the job
  • Recognising your current Symptoms
  • Creating and Setting health & wellness goals and Creating a Vision.
  • Preservative-free cooking Food demonstration – aim is to create some weekly food staples to get you on a good start to a healthy eating lifestyle. Nut milks; Vitamin water; Detox Juice; Bliss balls; Rosemary seed crackers.

Workshop 2: Dietary Intolerances, Menu Planning, Shopping, Tracking

  • Understanding the different types of dietary intolerances and special diets
  • How to incorporate a healthy eating menu plan based on these special diets
  • Learning how to shop to get the best available produce, at cost-effective prices
  • Stocking up your fridge/freezer and pantry so to whip up quick nutritious meals
  • Learn food prepping techniques to stock your fridge with delicious meals for the week.
  • Food demonstration: Lemon Baked Fish/Salmon; Mediterranean baked Chicken; Roasted Vegetables; Cooked Grains; Overnight Oats; Frozen Smoothie Packs; Hommus & Crudites.

Workshop 3: Gut-health

The science behind maintaining a healthy gut and the health risks associated with poor gut health.

  • About your micro-biome and how to take care of it.
  • Discuss prebiotics and probiotics and their importance
  • Introducing fermented foods, what they are and their benefits
  • Food demonstration – kombucha, coconut yoghurt, kimchi

Workshop 4: Food is Your Medicine

Getting creative with the principles learned in a fun, interactive workshop, covering:

  • eating across the entire colour spectrum in vegetables and the meaning behind their colours
  • using food as your medicine to repair and clean your body, mind and spirit
  • preservative and packaged free eating and learning to make more foods yourself from scratch
  • Food demonstration: Bone Broth; gluten-free pasta; turmeric latte; salted caramel slice.

*Recipes subject to change

*Classes delivered via Zoom and run for approx 1.5 hrs each session.

*Price is per household (max of 2 people attending Zoom session).

*Price includes the Zoom attendance; Class notes & workbook; Recipes and Facebook Group

Please direct queries to Rita -

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