Bach Flower Remedies

Recently I undertook studies to learn about flower essences to understand their therapeutic properties and how we can all benefit from these natural remedies. What I found out astounded me and in particular because I put 2 very different flower essences to the test on myself and diarised changes in my physiological and mental state over the course of the month.

Not only did the symptoms I was targeting ease dramatically but my outlook on life began to change. I noticed that I became more motivated, positive-minded, less stressed and looked forward to life’s simple pleasures. At this point, I began to realise the way these flower essences work, that is, changing your vibrational energy to reflect that of the plant’s energy that you are ingesting. Let me explain this in more detail and give you a bit of a background on the Bach Flower Remedies, what they are and how they work.

In 1932-1934, Dr Edward Bach (a British doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath, and spiritual writer) discovered a natural healing method based on the principle of “Treat the Patient and not the Disease”. Comprising of 38 flower remedies to treat negative emotions. These included states such as fear; anxiety; worry; and indecision.

The Bach flower remedies work on the person’s emotional or psychological level to ease the conflict and correct the imbalance. They are based on vibrational energies rather than biochemical and work by stimulating the body’s natural capacity to bring itself back to a state of balance.

When a person takes the remedies they will ingest the flower’s vibrational energy, which works to heal the person emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The wonderful thing about the Bach Flower Essences is that a formula of more than one essence can be ingested to target your conditions and they blend beautifully with one another. Such a simplistic form of remedy that requires no injections or tablets just a few drops of the mother essence from a flower.

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