Daily Practices

I wonder what I would have done without my daily practices throughout my life. They have been part of my ritual without even realising I was partaking in something so important and so detrimental to my wellbeing.

Some of my daily practices consist of:

-being amongst nature;


-applying gratitude;

-setting my day’s intention.

What are yours? Have a think about them now and write them down if you have to. In fact, writing down your daily intention helps to affirm it, you believe in it!

Let’s focus on these two daily practices – gratitude and intention setting. Because they work synergistically to support one another to turn your vision into reality.

When I was a young girl I recall always saying thanks if I received a compliment or someone did something nice for me, partly because we were taught good manners and to be appreciative for what we had no matter how big or small. It wasn’t unusual for my siblings and I not to receive Christmas gifts, instead, our beautiful parents indulged us with a festive day-long lunch, enjoying it with the family and having a wonderful time together. That was enough in my world to make me happy. The focus was always on the abundance that surrounded us instead of the “lack of”. This act of being thankful and being appreciative is what we’re familiar with now as “practicing gratitude”. It is something that if you don’t already do innately, you can practice and there really isn’t any right or wrong way of doing it. Start off simply by saying thank you to ‘Mother Earth’ or the ‘God you believe in’ or ‘The Universe’ when you wake up in the morning, just the fact that you have slept in a comfy bed in a warm house is enough to be grateful for. Then continue on with giving thanks for the people in your life, the clothes you wear, the great music that you can listen to whenever you want, the car that takes you to work/shopping and back. These examples may sound so simple that you may wonder well what’s the point. Let me tell you how life-changing it really is, in the next step where we learn to “set our daily intention”.

When I set my daily intention I consider the following:

a) what work do I need to do on myself to spiritually grow?

b) what problems are causing me grief/anxiety right now?

c) how would I like my future to look?

The answers then set the scene for my intention, and I may not apply it for all the questions above, it may just be the one for the day. My intention may sound something like this: “I intend to receive and accept encouragement and support from my friends”, or “I intend to express my creativity and desire to help people through the work that I do”, or “I intend to move my body more allowing it to feel its absolute best”. I think you get the picture. So now, how does it become a life-changing statement? The answer: By applying GRATITUDE.

Let’s take the intention I intend to receive and accept encouragement and support from my friends” and apply gratitude to it. It will now read like this:

“Thank you, Universe for the people in my life that provide me encouragement and support. How much more powerful and believable does that now sound? The image of reality is now in your mind. It now appears that it is actually that way for you, you are not hoping for it, or wishing or thinking maybe it could happen – it really is in the here and now.

You then reflect throughout the day on this intention, repeat it to yourself if it’s easy enough to remember, or write it somewhere visible, and really picture it in your mind’s eye.

Try writing one or two of these and see for yourself how powerful it is. Combine it with your own personal set of daily practices and your life will reap in abundance. Giving thanks and Setting the intention are intertwined to help manifest your dreams into reality.

Yours in wellness,